Ever wanted to Sail?

Sailing is a fun sport that can be enjoyed at different levels by all ages. People ‘drift’ into sailing at different stages in life – some sailors find their way through the traditional course route, others are guided by crewing with more experienced members (or a combination of both). Whatever course you wish to steer our goal at WHSC’s is to facilitate the journey in a pleasurable and safe environment.
The small enclosed cove at Dunmore East is a perfect place to learn to sail. If you want to get a taste of sailing, whether that be dinghy or cruiser, we recommend you contact us and we will see what we can do to help.
WHSC do also offer a wide range of courses to suit all tastes, ages and experience.

Adults Sailing

Tel: 086-2566960 (Roy Power) Email: Rpower@arvumgroup.ie
Our Fleet of Wayfarers are used to introduce adults into the life skill of sailing. Our instructors start of by joining you on the boat and steadily handing over the responsibility of the controls over to you. You will soon be able to sail a Wayfarer or any other dinghy on your own!

Junior Sailing

Tel: 086-8325930 (Trish Power) Email: whscjo@gmail.com
We have a very active junior sailing program for the summer months ahead. At WHSC we cater for all levels – from those just looking for a ‘taste of sailing’, to Instructor level. Boat ownership is not required, we have optional boat rental for the course duration. Club membership is required to take part in courses but we have various introductory options available (specifically Associate membership).

If your family is new to sailing, then you’re in the right place. Sailing is an excellent to foster youths confidence and independence in a way no other sport can. Just imagine the feeling a 7 year old has when they take control of ‘their own boat’ for the first time. A WHSC junior course is the perfect safe environment to begin the journey.

Cruiser Sailing and Crewing

Tel: 087-2259962 (Barry McConnell)
At Waterford Harbour Sailing club we have a very successful mix of racing yachts and a wide variety of distance and day cruisers. While dinghy racing generally requires more physical effort and involves occasionally getting wet or even swimming, cruiser sailing relies on the keel to the do the work leaving you to enjoy the scenery or concentrate on the tactics of racing in a group setting.

Whether you would like to tour the estuary aboard a comfortable sailing boat or race intensively against other finely tunes racing yachts we have everything you could want, all you need bring is your enthusiasm

There are generally yacht races on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons between May and September. If your preference is to dip your toes first into what happens aboard a yacht with some expert instruction and guidance then perhaps an introductory afternoon with Gary Curran phone 0862623727 is for you, see cruiser sailing courses on our website .and if you feel you are ready to experience racing then just contact any of the boat owners, club members or cruiser class captain and we will get you a place with the nicest crew we can find.

Sailing is as easy or as difficult as you want it to be, it is all things to all people offering a serene relaxing way to watch the world go by for some, offers a physical and tactical challenge to others and becomes a way of life for many.