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Artform featured in Image Magazine Ireland

Artform was featured in the Image Magazine Ireland recently, in an article by Marlene Wessels. Marlene was in Dunmore East for the Artform course ‘Portrait alla prima in oils’ led by Tony Robinson Art during the 2018 Artform Autumn/Winter season, painting local models and enjoying the beautiful scenery. She writes…


Ten of Ireland’s best outdoor swimming spots

There is something very liberating about swimming in the great outdoors. Nothing quite compares with the feeling of plunging into the frigid waters of a lake or the sea. As the cold water envelops your body and adrenaline pumps through your veins, it makes you feel alive and yet deeply relaxed all at the same time. It is not hard to see why many daily sea swimmers across the country deem the activity totally addictive …


10 Charming Heritage Towns & Cities in Ireland’s Ancient East

In Ireland’s Ancient East, take in medieval castles, Viking strongholds, Norman keeps, early Christian monasteries, Georgian homes, thatched cottages, traditional pubs, and museum treasures. These heritage towns are saturated in stories of the past – just ask any local and they’ll regale you with fantastic folklore. We’ve included iconic sites, new tours, and spots the locals frequent …


EastEnders spin-off Redwater to send tourists flocking to Waterford

LOCALS in Dunmore East hope their sleepy village will get a huge tourism boost as the home of EastEnders’ spin-off Redwater. The Co Waterford seaside spot — with a population of just 1,559 people — has already welcomed a tourist bus after the show’s …


Going coastal: 50 of the best places to eat, stay and play along Ireland’s coastline

A nation of islanders, we can’t resist the lure of the sea. To satisfy those cravings we’ve put together a list of great seaside activities and lovely places to eat and sleep …


Róisín Ingle … on the past, the present and the sea

The past beats inside me like a second heart.” I come across this quote when searching online for the sea. The quote comes from The Sea by John Banville, a book I’ve never read. I am searching for the sea because I’ve just come back from Dunmore East in Co Waterford where I stayed in The Strand Inn, a hotel that nestles on the shore and where when you look out your hotel window from a certain angle it is like looking out the windows of a ferry …



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